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Our Services

Our services

Our organization is involved in numerous strategic projects around the world.

Management Consulting

We position your organisation to reach its highest potential by applying our 7 criteria checklist:

– Lean model optimization

– transforming your human resources into a high performance workforce

– Lead generation & breaking into new markets

– creating a global workforce

-production of business documents, such as Tenders,  business plans, proposals, compliance and regulatory reports, etc

-formulating risk mitigation & contingency strategies for business advancement

– change management

– leadership consulting

Benefits of signing up for Stelinchi Concept sessions:

  • Expect to see higher profitability,
  • higher productivity,
  • improved communications across different functions in the organization,
  • empowerment of employees,
  • discipline and responsibility,
  • effective time management,
  • and effective resource management.
strategy advisory

Your success in strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation begins with us here at SCSC because we have the ability to pinpoint opportunities for growth and new markets. Our company size and global reach allows for there to be knowledge, networks and connections from combined expertise in diverse cultures which is bound to add sensible value. We have dealt with clients that set audacious goals and Stelinchi came out top because of our wide selection of offers and employed expertise. This was made possible by our understanding of a great strategy and its importance; not only in spearheading organisational activities but also in measurement and contingency planning. We are here to help clients create value through more effective strategies and resource allocation techniques that will snub out inertia and propel growth.


At Stelinchi Concept, we support our Clients in implementing new projects and improving existing ones. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team we are able to easily take over the Client’s activities bringing added value in the form of improving the quality and efficiency of the project as well as its acceleration.

business centre

Our team has the solution to create a return on investment through

  • social media marketing, website design,
  • digital product development (including videos)
  • Branding
  • Content development
  • Corporate training
  • Market & industry research
projects & Research

The ability to spot and utilise opportunities in the marketplace isn’t easy at all. It takes skills, research capabilities and passion to see business growth for one to provide services on project planning, implementation and management. Through this platform you will be able to access a space where on top of being able to increase lead generation you will be able to learn more about your customers. Information gathered from customers, their needs and expectations, will lead to your company being able to correct issues that may be blocking revenue maximisation, tarnishing your brand image, and curbing staff turnover.


 Stelinchi Concept Strategy Consultants is there to help you align your strategies with the current online industry and market trends. Depending on your needs, we are able to plan and implement your project for you, or provide you with a well equipped project team to assist you with running and evaluating your project. 

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