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April, 2022

A shoppers’ paradise, which aims to be number one business directory for any business.

A business directory’s core or principal use is to provide the end-user with appropriate information about players in a specific market segment, sector and/or industry. Therefore on 22nd of April 2022, we as Stelinchi Concept Strategy Consultants, will birth a new and innovative undertaking and experience in shopping. Long are gone the days of thumbing through a telephone directory to access information on businesses.

June, 2024

This platform, curated by Stelinchi Concept Strategy Consultants, is  to bridge the chasm between the critically-skilled persons, the hiring or job market. The advent of the Covid 19 has widened this chasm. It, therefore, became imperative that Stelinchi Concept, as a strategic entity, to introduce a virtual recruitment expo where the jobs market and the skills engage, interact and mingle without being close physical proximity.

July, 2024

Stelinchi Concept Strategy Consultants has a global presence. It has connections and networks all around the globe and it wants to share these connections and the knowledge it has acquired over the years with you and your team. We are hosting a virtual conference that will cover the ongoing and upcoming marketplace trends. During this conference we will dive deeper into the strategies that will aid and assure that you come up top in your industry and enabling you to handle the ever changing e-commerce space. The guarantee that you have a lot to gain by diving in learning something new that will definitely grow you and the company. 

sept, 2024

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